Cannons Online is not just another cannon maker
As historians of artillery and, more importantly, experts in modern industrial manufacturing, Cannons Online understands the manufacturing methods of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and has combined them with cutting edge engineering technology in a unique and exciting way.

Combining the study and understanding of American manufacturing prowess and original specifications and designs gives Cannons Online the ability to replicate cannons of museum quality. It is why the field pieces we manufacture for our clients truly have the look of the originals.

Cannons Online is a resource of research material and historical artifacts similar to the National Archives or Smithsonian. We use these two national resources and others, of course. What historian would not? But we also keep an extensive collection of the original specifications and blueprints as found in the original Army manuals and treatises. For example, we replicate a trunion cap per the original design and as they were originally made. When you talk to the professional staff at Cannons Online about how we make a cannon, you’re hearing the original designer's description of the making of a gun.

Although we compensate for shrinkage and scaling of materials when casting is required, we do this in a way that will not detract from an authentic looking historical reproduction. We only break away from original specifications to increase product safety. Above all else, we do everything humanly possible to manufacture safe fieldable artillery and functional ordnance delivery systems.

Cannons Online can provide you with pieces that are less well known or custom made. Our engineers can redesign and redraw original plans. And, we are able to replicate the authentic look of field repairs, as well as combat use and wear. We can meet the exacting requirements of museum clients who are looking for an historical reproduction of the greatest accuracy for public display.

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