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Cannons Online holds contests throughout the year...about one every month, except in the summer.  Entries for these contests are accepted on an ongoing basis.  So, get cracking and enter!  And, by the way, the information collected on this form will be used for contacting contestants only.  We never sell or distribute your personal information to anyone else. 
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— Congratulations to our latest winner, Amy Johnson, who won our most recent drawing! Amy wins one of our U.S. Artillery Caps!

We are making the contest as simple as we can.  Just become a subscriber to our monthly email newsletter, The Carronade...and you're entered.  That means that if you enter this month's contest using the submission form below, you will automatically become a subscriber to The Carronade.  And, remember, you can always unsubscribe whenever you feel like it!  By the way, if you are already a subscriber to the newsletter, you are already entered in the contest...automatically!  Can't get much simpler than that!

Look for the announcement of a winner in the next issue of the Cannons Online email newsletter The Carronade.
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