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A free-form, email-based forum for questions and idea sharing... especially if you want to get or give immediate responses from or to hundreds of cannon-loving subscribers around the world.

The Ordnance email discussion forum is known in Netspeak as a "listserv" or "mailing list."  Through the Cannons Online Listserv, you correspond with other folks interested in ordnance from everywhere in the world.  New messages, as well as responses to ongoing discussions, are sent to each member's email box, so you receive a constant flow of cannon-oriented information.  And, it's all FREE!  Some of the topics may include where to get something, recommendations, tips, trends, what's happening and much more!

Using this page, you can subscribe and unsubscribe to the Cannons Online Listserv easily.  To subscribe, simply select the box below next to your desired option and then type in your name and email address in the blanks below.  To unsubscribe, do the same, but be sure to input your email address exactly as it was when you originally subscribed. 

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