From pirate ship to Indian attack... our cannons come to the rescue of any set designer.
Cannons Online can provide cannons and personnel for memorial services, company picnics, celebrations and other special events.

We can also provide film and advertising companies (still/modeling, motion picture, documentary short film/advertising) with historically accurate cannons or artillery covering all time periods from Columbus (c.1500) to the Spanish-American War (c.1900).

Since Cannons Online is a manufacturer of full-scale functional artillery, we carry most American and European types, including Naval and land service gun carriages. These cannons, both bronze and iron, are museum quality as evidenced by United States museum ownership of our work. In addition, we have trained gun crews who transport, place in location and fire the pieces (if desired). All our crews are costumed in the correct period uniforms.

Our fees are based on four factors:

  1. A daily cannon rental fee calculated at $500 for day one and $300 per day thereafter.
  2. A transport fee based on $.50 per mile beyond a 250-mile radius of New Windsor, Maryland.
  3. The number of gun crew required with one man provided free for the first day and
    a charge of $100 per man per day thereafter.
  4. The number of shots fired (if required) at $10 per shot.

We look forward to discussing the requirements for your next special event, film or photo shoot. Contact us today at (410) 775.1700.

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