It was a cold day when we delivered these two custom built carriages to the owner of two unusual Confederate cannon barrel.

Parts and Repairs
Cannons Online parts are designed for original carriages or correct reproductions. If you have a cannon carriage that is made by someone other than the United States government or a War Department contractor, our Mordecai specification parts will more than likely not fit. We are, however, happy to make replacement parts to meet the specifications of any other maker’s cannon.

If you own a reproduction carriage, our trained service staff can do anything from painting to restoring damaged wood and iron parts. We know that there are some great buys to be made in used cannons from reenactment units, collectors, our classified section or elsewhere. And, should you purchase or own one, Cannons Online will be happy to inspect and, if necessary, quote restoration costs to make it “like new.”

For clients wishing to use or display original barrels or carriage parts (wood, iron, bronze), Cannons Online has a knowledgeable staff capable of stabilizing, preserving and restoring artifacts with minimal integral compromise. Severely degraded artifacts (projects) may require a combination of museum and conservation resources throughout the United States and Canada. In such cases, a professional Cannons Online staff member can act as a coordinator/contractor for bids and services so that a client has knowledgeable and experienced representation.

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