Here's a recent delivery of a No. 3 Prairie Gun to the U.S. Army's 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment at Fort Polk, Louisiana.  The officers are actively bringing the Regiment's proud history to life for their troopers esprit de corps.

Super Sized Artillery
When it comes to seacoast, siege and garrison artillery, our primary customers are the United States and Canadian governments. However, Cannons Online would be pleased to make these massive carriages for an organization or individual as well.

We construct these cannons at our facilities and then deliver and install them at your site. Please contact us for a bid utilizing your original parts, portions of your original parts or for the complete fabrication of a new piece. We can provide these bids in a Federal GSA format.

Rarely Reproduced Early Artillery
Cannons Online has the capability of reproducing original historic pieces, provided we are given sufficient reference photographs and measurements for our staff (engineer, foundry men, carpenters and sculptor). This is our specialty!

Please contact us to discuss your project.

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